Who are we?

Snatchback is an audio and theatre company committed to improving the representation of women.

It was set up by Beth Eyre, with some help from David K. Barnes, Richard Welbirg and Helena Franklin.

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What's happening?

“Whatever you do, don’t let him kill you.”

Sweet. Cheerful. Incredibly handsome. Timothy is a husband to die for – no wonder his wife is worried.

Yvonne and Susan don’t know what to expect when their best friend invites them to a meeting in her cellar. But when Annette claims her perfect husband is planning to kill her, they find themselves drawn into a tangled web of rash accusation and rising panic. With Timothy hard at work in the kitchen, and dinnertime fast approaching, can the three women separate fact from fiction and escape with their lives?

Written by Offie-nominated playwright David K. Barnes and Michael Milne, Timothy is a tense black comedy that will keep you guessing.

Drayton Trench


Drayton Trench - ALICE OSMANSKI
Marjorie Marjoribanks - SUSAN CASANOVE
Jason Davis - PETER WICKS
Violet Darkbloom - BETH EYRE
Nathaniel Swan - SIMON KANE
and everyone else in the world by ESMÉ PATEY-FORD

The show, co-produced with Wireless Theatre Company, was recorded over two nights at the Museum of Comedy in London