Who are we?

Snatchback is an audio and theatre company committed to improving the representation of women.

It was set up by Beth Eyre, with some help from David K. Barnes, Richard Welbirg and Helena Franklin.

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What's happening?

Drayton Trench Green on Blue.png

Drayton Trench - a comedy from the creator of wooden overcoats

When you're in desperate peril and working to a tight budget, there's only one woman for the case - Drayton Trench! The diminutive detective and her plucky secretary Marjorie are on the trail of a drunken archaeologist, kidnapped by the Cult of Caesar! From a fight at the top of the Eiffel Tower to a showdown in the centre of Rome, "Drayton Trench" s a hilarious and exciting adventure that you won't want to miss!

Starring: Alice Osmanski, Susan Casanove, Peter Wicks, Stephen Critchlow, Beth Eyre, Simon Kane and Esme Patey-Ford

Written by David K. Barnes

 Two nights only:  September (Episodes 1,2,3), 10th September (4,5,6) at the Museum of Comedy


We're very excited to announce the cast for our very first show Drayton Trench with Wireless Theatre Company:

Drayton Trench - ALICE OSMANSKI
Marjorie Marjoribanks - SUSAN CASANOVE
Jason Davis - PETER WICKS
Violet Darkbloom - BETH EYRE
Nathaniel Swan - SIMON KANE
and everyone else in the world by ESMÉ PATEY-FORD

The show, co-produced with Wireless Theatre Company, will now be recorded over two nights at the Museum of Comedy - 3rd and 10th September, 7pm!